Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 12 English Dub

October 28, 2019

Despite the combined efforts of Tetsurō, Mio, Kanna, Remon (and the van-turned-robot and support from the Men in Black), and even Rinon (with a weapon provided by Emika); and even after seeing the desired location, which Kaito is able to see due to the nanomachines he got from Ichika, the proof they were looking for—a love umbrella carved into a tree by the alien who crash-landed on the place a long time ago—is gone, and the Federation recovery team takes Ichika away. But as a result of such encounter, the memories of the aliens about the distant time when they did arrive at the place were unlocked and become part of the memory for all those involved. As the new school term enters, Remon, prior to transferring back to the MIB, leaves the gang an incomplete version of the movie they have made. A few years later, Kaito, Mio, Tetsurō, and Kanna have graduated, but not without completing the unfinished film—with Ichika, who seems to have returned to Earth.